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A day in the life of a psycho

Thats me.

1/24/06 11:15 am - Hi

Thats all

2/27/05 10:38 pm

stole from Laura who stole from Katie
.: x full name- Private Monica Joan Walsh
.: x height- 5'1
.: x hair color- Brown
.: x real hair color- Brown
.: x eye color- baby blue :)
.: x birthday- July 28 1987
.: x age-17
.: x grade- 12

.: x name of school- Sprayberry High School
.: x grade- 12
.: x nicest teacher- Mrs. Evans, or Mrs. Toth
.: x best class- Art, or Band, or Alg III, or current issues... damn i just named my whole schedual
.: x best subject- Art and Band DUH!
.: x worst class- Economics last semester
.: x worst subject- Lit
.: x what do you think about PE or athletics? It should NOT be requried for graduation
.: x taken by who? Josh
.: x for how long? 9 days :)
.: x why do you like him/her? Because he is absolutly amazaing. he lights up my life.. and brings me up to a happieness i have not felt for about a month.
.: x is he/she older than you? im older by like 4 months. sitll in control

.: x drink- Coke..bad habit. should be H2O
.: x ice cream flavor- mint chocolate chip or tottise roll
.: x smell- on guys Old Spice Red Zone or Axe.. on me... Sunrise or Clinqe Heart
.: x sport-Marching band..hell ya it counts
.: x channel- Fox or MTV
.: x celebrity- No clue...
.: x memory- Enlisting in the Army Nat'l Guard, and OWL concerts with Tara.. and Band Camp
.: x candy- Gum..
.: x show- American idol
.: x animal- Dogs
This or that
.: x roses or daisies- Daisies
.: x cell phone or AIM- AIM
.: x mall or movies- Mall
.: x tv or computer- computer
.: x cat or dog- Cat

.: x rock or rap- rock
.: x water or milk- water
.: x shorts or pants- Shorts
.: x dinner and a movie or walk on the beach- Can I have the dinner with a side of the beach please :)
.: x blue or pink- blue and pink
.: x color or black and white- Color
.: x friends or family- friends
.: x baseball or basketball- baseball
.: x coke or pepsi- coke
.: x bright or dark- BRIGHT!!

thats me enjoy

2/11/05 08:20 pm - Auditions

We had blind auditions today it was AMAZING..
I did okay..
today was a better day, I get to go pick out my military ball gown and look for my prom dress. just me and mommy yay. Can't wait. today was a better day. I feel really good about my audition...anyway sorry this is short i want to get back to reading a book
pvt Walsh

2/10/05 05:53 pm - Shitty ass life

So at the moment my mother is in her room crying.. wishing she was dead...
I hate my life so much. I have no one I can really talk to. I just wish I had ONE friend who would try to help me. There are so many things I hate about life and so many things I wish would change. but none of that is gonna happen I leave in 161 Days.. and Good God I CAN'T wait. I wish I was gone, then I shall leave for college.
Today I came home from a very shitty day.. I tried to talk to Tara which turned out amazing. NOT! I was informed that everyone was fucked up and I pretty much needed to get over it.. so I sat outside in band room in the cold for about 10 min not wanting to come inside. Robertson and I talked again. He is really helping me. But anyway when I came home today my mom was mad as always so I just went in my room and started my homework. untill i heard he sream "I hate you too" which indicates Nick told mom he hated her again... Then I heard doors slam and her yell something about wanting to be dead.
So now im in my room crying again for what seems like years.. if tehre was one thing i coudl have in this world it would be for my mother to be happy again.
Another addition to my shitty day, I did not go to the guard meeting in fears of getting in yet another fight with Tara. so I just told Kerion to call me.
There are so many things I am stressing about, but there is nobody to talk to. mom does not even notice me anymore Andy and her just fight all the time now...
Mom is sueing my father and I have to testify in court that the child support payments have not been comming in... I mean after leaving me in Ga while he is in Fla is a pretty shitty thing to do but, he is still my father. Andy and my mother fight more and more each night now.. over the smallest things, we are completly broke im serious no money @ all. we are livgin off roman noodles.. great huh?
At least I can talk to this stupid ass livejournal...
I guees it has just been one of those months.. I CANT WAIT TILL I LEAVE 161 days...finally a change in my life that ive been waiting for sience it started.


2/7/05 09:55 pm - you think im crazy... go ahead your prolly right

okay okay okay...lets see today is Tara's birthday! YAY.. I really hope she had a nice time @ dinner...

Well its a four letter word aint it??

They are okay.. I kinda wish I had a person that would understand me... I have Tara and she is AMAZING... I love her
and I have friends online that talk to me.. I just dunno.. I feel out of place lately.. and I dont know why...

The Army...
Its okay, have not really done anything and got paid for it.. can't beat that...
I need 5 leads if ur intrested IM me/.. paperdreamsfade

hell as always....

a time to get away

~Love Monica

12/27/04 11:35 pm - An update of what I have been doing.

Hey there all.

I promise I will keep up with it this time...

Well,  I have done alot lately I got a physical and joined the National Guard. Thanks to Sargent Lewis, That man is the greatest... I was going for the band and got rejected but whatever. My friends think I am crazy well I think most of them just dont understand it is the greatest move I have made in awhile. I dont think I have a change of getting deported to Iraq anytime soon my unit just got deported a while ago and is already home.. so there are no worries.

Lets see as for my friends one of them decided to almost take his life. no names I called 911 and hopefully he is getting help as much as i have said I hate him I really do deep in my heart like him as a friend... He always wants more but this is all I can offer we have our baracades to seeing each other he hates my bf and thinks I dumped him for this other guy but whatever aslong as he is safe now.. and for all who know him please pray for his mother she is not doing to well and is undergoing breast cancer.

as for my other friends they are smart-asses but u alreay knew that anyway I am goign to go now I will update this at least everyother day when a computer is handy right now I am in Fla at my dads house and dont have much access to a computer but I will talk to u later


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